diumenge, de juliol 07, 2013

NSA does not encrypt files

There is something I've not seen/read as part of the comments and articles regarding the NSA affair. How is that Snowden had access to these (The Guardian scoop and its repository) files ?

That is, even if Snowden was a black-belt hacker that had the mission and skills to infiltrate US and non US networks and systems looking for weaknesses and cracks in the digital walls to infiltrate systems, how is that he got access to files (ie. information) so sensible that has sparked an unusual reaction and man hunt around the world ?

  • Had Snowden something to do with these files (ie. had the right to access them for his work) ?  
  • If no, were those files stored clear and without encryption ?  
  • Was there a "needs to know" access policy ? 
  • If they where encrypted, had Snowden (or his employer or contractor) tools or the keys to break the encryption ?  
  • Even if he was root, how is that info was not properly protected ? 
  • Or all this was just a honey-pot ?

Have you read and can share links to better understand this point ?

BTW if NSA and other intel agents had access to files (beyond metadata) by taping into communication lines (and who knows if IXP, ISPs, etc), did they infringe copyright legislation by making copies or having access to copyrighted material without the written permission of its legal owners ?

Make your "beds"

And a warm welcome to the ones accessing this file via crawlers looking for "sensible" words.

PS: what a great sentence (The Guardian, 9 june) from Edward

"you can't wait around for someone else to act. I had been looking for leaders, but I realised that leadership is about being the first to act."